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We conduct hands on Japanese tea ceremony appreciation workshops for schools and companies on site as well as in our culture room. Workshop participants will be able to experience making a bowl of tea for themselves, as well as learn the basic steps in ritually cleansing the tea utensils involved. A short presentation of the history of tea ceremony and the Enshu school of tea will provide participants an overview of the origins of Japanese tea ceremony and the role of the Enshu school of tea in continuing this tradition.

We have recently conducted workshops for:

Innova Junior College Japanese Cultural Club
NUS Japanese Language Students
JS2230 Food In Japan Module Students
NTU Japanese Appreciation Club
SIT Japanese Club
Waseda Shibuya Senior High Tea Club
Hwa Chong Junior College Japanese Club
Victoria Junior College Japanese Club
Dunman High School (Japan Expo)
Meridian Junior College
Pioneer Junior College Tsuyu Club

Do visit our portfolio page below for a more complete listing of our past performances and workshops.