Links to potentially useful materials related to tea ceremony. With the exception of the beginner’s guides, the rest are not in any way a requirement to practice with us. Feel free to use the materials as casual reading or reference.

「 NUS Sado Club Beginner’s Guides 」

These are our own internally developed publications as a guide for new members.

Sado Club Useful Information.pdf

Sado Club – Guest Lines.pdf

[We will also hand out copies via email when you join us. A new version is also currently in the works]

「 Enshu Sado Documentary 」

An Enshu Sado School Production in collaboration with Kobori Enshu Kenshoukai and Nippon Eizo Minzokusha. This is a two part video on Youtube on the Enshu Sado School.

「 Tea Ceremony Demonstration at Japan Society 」

A youtube video of our Oiemoto performing the tea ceremony at the Japan Society in New York in 2009

「 FOCUS: Enshu Sado School 」

An article written in 2002 about the Enshu Sado School and our current Oiemoto by Setsuko Sakakibara

「 3 Unique CCA groups in NUS 」

An article by Eevon of JobsDB Campus featuring NUS Sado Club.

「 Excellence and the art of making tea 」

A speech by Professor Tan Chorh Chuan, President of NUS, during the University Awards 2011 at the University Cultural Centre. Excerpts of his speech feature our Oiemoto, and how his ideals of continual improvements has inspired him.

「 Koyamaen References to Matcha Tea 」


Koyamaen is one of the few tea companies in Japan which produces Enshu school Iemoto Okonomi matcha tea. The following articles will provide an insight into the origins of matcha as well as storage tips.

About Matcha and the Storing of Tea

Growing and Processing of Matcha

「 Enshuryu Oiemoto Okonomi Matcha 」

A listing of tea companies producing matcha favoured by the Enshu Sado School. Links directly to the tea itself, or the online shop of the tea companies where possible.

「 Kansai University Publications 」

Kansai University Publications

A series of university publications by Professor Emeritus Anthony Stephen Gibbs (Stephen Soshun sensei) on Enshu Sado via Kansai University. These make an interesting read as the contents cover the different aspects of Enshu sado and the reasonings behind it.

Note: The publications above are linked to the original documents on

「 iSado App 」


A Sado iOS app created by one of the Enshu senseis in Japan.

First-ever iPhone/iPad application for tea ceremony. Let’s learn and master the Samurai Sado! The creation of this application was supervised by tea master Gishio Horiuchi, making it a truly authentic application for learning tea ceremony. Gishio Horiuchi is a master of the Enshu style(tea ceremony), and the Enshu style is known as a samurai’s tea ceremony. Let’s learn and master the Samurai Sado!

This application measures several key points to making a delicious cup of tea, such as the balance of tea powder and hot water and the manner in which the tea stirrer is used. A 100 point rating system is used. In addition to the rating system, this application contains advice from Master Horiuchi for how to improve one’s tea making ability.One of the main attractions of this application is its beautiful visuals. You can also appreciate the various tools used at a tea ceremony within the game. Download this application and enjoy a compilation of some of Japan’s finest traditional culture!

「 Ocha Nigosu 」


A manga related to tea ceremony

The story follows the high school delinquent Masaya Funebashi, better known as “Devil Ma-kun” who is trying to reform his image by joining the tea ceremony club.

You may read the original Japanese volumes in our club library (there are 11 volumes in total), or alternatively, you may visit the following link for the English scanlated version: