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 Grandmaster August Visit 2016 

From 25 to 27 August, we had the honour of having our Grandmaster as well as our Senseis from Japan come down to our clubroom to teach us and guide us along our practice.

Day 1 saw our club members having a morning to afternoon session of practice by Oiemoto, Goto Sensei, Kodera Sensei and Nogami Sensei, followed by dinner where the certification presentation ceremony for our members who attained their respective proficiency levels was held.

Day 2 involved a full-day session of practice by Goto Sensei, who was joined by Kodera Sensei and Nogami Sensei later in the afternoon.

Day 3 was a special day, where Oiemoto’s 60th birthday chakai was held in NUS Sado Clubroom, consisting of a koicha ceremony and an usucha ceremony. Many of our club members, alumni, and freshies alike gathered to celebrate Oiemoto’s 60th birthday. After which, we had practice with Goto Sensei, Kodera Sensei and Nogami Sensei.