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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Sensei’s May Visit 2016

Sensei's May Visit 2016

This May’s Sensei Visit saw Kodera sensei and Nogami sensei conducting Okeiko for our club members over three days. The chabako was brought along from Japan once again, allowing those who did not have the chance to experience it last Sensei Visit to do so during this one. We also had the fortune to host several external guests who had interest in Japanese Tea Ceremony.

Innova JC Japanese Cultural Club Introductory Visit

Innova JC Japanese Cultural Club Introductory Visit

We had the opportunity to host Innova Junior College’s Japanese Cultural Club this week. During the introductory visit, they were able to experience a full Japanese tea ceremony which included a serving of matcha and traditional sweets and ask questions pertaining to the tea ceremony, as well as life in NUS.