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 25th Anniversary & Iemoto’s Visit 

The first day of the visit was spent mainly on Obon and Tenrai practice as well as equipment checks. Present with us that day was Oiemoto, Miura sensei, Kodera sensei, Nakaya sensei (Oiemoto’s carpenter who made the Tenrai) and Nogami sensei.

Day 2 was spent at Kranji Secondary School, where the club did a tea ceremony demonstration and tea serving to students in collaboration with the Japan Creative Centre.

Day 3’s main event was the Teicha and screening of Chichi Ha Iemoto at the Ngee Ann Kongsi Auditorium in UTown.

Day 4 began with a screening and teicha at the Japan Creative Centre, followed by a dinner with Oiemoto and sensei kata in the evening at Carousel. Congratulations to Arnold, Sherrie, Yung Yen as well as Minyao, Vanessa and Di Long for attaining the Enshuryu Okuden and Shouden certifications respectively.

Day 5 was specially dedicated to Okeiko. Present were Miura, Kodera, Nakagawa and Goto sensei. This is officially Miura sensei’s final visit to NUS. We wish her the best of health and thank her for what is now 17 years of teaching the club.