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 New Membership Tiers 

Our club has launched a new revised membership tier system to better accommodate different groups of members. Our club now accepts membership from students of other local universities as well. Fees for this category of members will be at $20 per academic semester.

Membership Tiers & Fees:

Cat A: $12 per semester
[A1] NUS Student (JSS member)
[A2] NUS Sado Club alumni

Cat B: $15 per semester
[B1] NUS Student (Non JSS member)
[B2] NUS “new alumni”
[B3] NUS Staff

Cat C: $20 per semester
[C1] Students from NTU/SMU/SUTD/SIT/UniSIM

All members are treated equally across all categories, with the exception of Exco selection reserved for [A1] and [B1] members only for practical reasons. Fees are lower for Cat A and B due to membership discounts and material fee subsidy.

Fees for new NUS student members/freshmen are due only on their fourth visit, and the first visit for every subsequent semester thereafter. “New alumni” refers to NUS Alumni who have already graduated from NUS or current NUS graduate students, who were not members of NUS Sado Club during their undergraduate years. For students of other universities, fees are due on the second visit, and on the first visit for subsequent semesters thereafter.

For students of other universities, do take note that as we do not have any prior arrangements with your respective institutions, joining us is equivalent to picking up an external CCA (like in a community centre) and will not earn you any “CCA points” or other similar forms of acknowledgement for use in your institution.

We hope that with the new Cat C membership, we are able to adequately accommodate membership requests from students of other local universities which we have been receiving lately. This will also allow us to share the beauty of Enshuryu sado with a bigger audience.