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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Mini screening of Chichi Ha Iemoto「父は家元」

Mini screening of Chichi Ha Iemoto「父は家元」

Dear all, we will be doing our own mini screening of Chichi Ha Iemoto in our sado room on 15th June, from 1.30-3pm. Between those times, one furo will be set up instead of the usual two. Practice that day will still be as usual. Note that as we are screening from the DVD given to us by Kodera sensei, the film will be in Japanese. Version with English subtitles will likely be available in August onwards. Feel free to […]

New Membership Tiers

Our club has launched a new revised membership tier system to better accommodate different groups of members. Our club now accepts membership from students of other local universities as well. Fees for this category of members will be at $20 per academic semester. Membership Tiers & Fees: Cat A: $12 per semester [A1] NUS Student (JSS member) [A2] NUS Sado Club alumni Cat B: $15 per semester [B1] NUS Student (Non JSS member) [B2] NUS “new alumni” [B3] NUS Staff […]