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 NUS Sado Welcome Tea 

We would like to thank all freshies out there who have shown great interest in our club, especially those who came up to us during the NUSJSS welcome tea. As such, we would like to convert this coming Wednesday which we were intending to reserve for cleaning up the room to a welcome tea session instead to show our appreciation for your support. Feel free to pop by between 12 noon and 6pm for a bowl of tea and sweets on us, and get to know us better than what photos and words can do. Remember, we are probably the only club around that can literally offer you a welcome tea :p

Btw, Oiemoto’s visit on Friday is open to freshies as well, and our sensei/s would very much love to welcome new faces. Do note though that there are some decorum to observe on that day, but not to worry, we have guides (both seniors and e-guides in the Resources section above) ready for those not sure of what to do. We especially recommend those who want to go straight into learning tea ceremony to come. The literal sweetener for this day are the top grade okashi/s that our sensei/s bring down every visit for us, which is strictly first come first serve while stocks last ^^

Unable to make it for any of the above? You can always drop by as per our practice schedule when you are free ~