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Monthly Archives: August 2012



Thanks to all who chipped in, either by helping out directly or simply making an appearance for Oiemoto’s recent visit. It would not have been possible to make everything run smoothly without you, freshmen, seniors and alumni members alike ^^

NUS Sado Welcome Tea

We would like to thank all freshies out there who have shown great interest in our club, especially those who came up to us during the NUSJSS welcome tea. As such, we would like to convert this coming Wednesday which we were intending to reserve for cleaning up the room to a welcome tea session instead to show our appreciation for your support. Feel free to pop by between 12 noon and 6pm for a bowl of tea and sweets on […]

JSS Welcome Tea 2012 and practice days

JSS Welcome Tea 2012 and practice days

We will be doing a short presentation during NUS Japanese Studies Society’s welcome tea. You may register your interest with us on that day itself. For this academic year, we will be adding Wednesday to our usual Friday and Saturday alumni sessions, to cater to a larger pool of students interested in practicing with us as well as those with consistent timetable clashes with our usual Friday sessions. Members are free to come on any of the days, or all if […]

Oiemoto’s visit 2012

General schedule for Oiemoto’s upcoming visit. 22nd August (Wednesday) – Oiemoto will be flying in to Singapore. No tea ceremony lessons on this day. 23rd August (Thursday) – There is a tea ceremony at the ambassador’s residence so there are no tea ceremony lessons on this day. 24th August (Friday) – 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM – Oiemoto, Miura Sensei, Kodera Sensei and Goto Sensei. 25th August (Saturday) – 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM – Oiemoto, Miura Sensei, Kodera Sensei and Goto […]

Updates for the new academic semester

Hi all Firstly, I would like to welcome all prospective new members to our club 🙂 This site is in the process of a revamp, hence this short placeholder to let visitors know that we are alive and well. There has been some small scale sado sessions during the holidays and weekend alumni practice went on as usual. In this month of August, we have some events to look forward to, namely the JSS welcome tea where we will be doing a short […]