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 March 2010 

Dear All,

Here are some updates on what NUS Sado Club did in March 2010:

Our Sado Instructors, Miura Sensei and Kodera Sensei came down to NUS for their March Visit from  04/03/2010 to 06/03/2010.
Our teachers gave a ‘History of Sado’ lesson to the students of LAJ 3202 (Japanese 6), on top of coaching the club members and alumni.

Special Thanks to Chiba Sensei for all the coordination for this special class.

Miura Sensei giving a lesson on the history of Sado to Japanese 6 students

Kodera Sensei serving tea

We will be celebrating our 20th Anniversary in August this year, so stay tuned to our blog for more details!

Gladys Ng