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 Miura Sensei’s Visit – Dec 2009 

Dear Members and Alumni,

I hope that you are doing well.
Miura Sensei will be coming on the following days, so please come down to practice as it is a rare chance:

10 Dec 2009 [Thursday] = 10AM – 5PM
11 Dec 2009 [Friday] = 10AM – 5PM
12 Dec 2009 [Saturday] = 10AM – 5PM

Slots are available at 1 hr/slot. It doesn’t matter if you have never been down for a session – you can always start now. Seniors are welcomed on any day (Sensei requested in her fax that she hopes to see lots of seniors, so please do come!!).
Also, i will need at least 3 people every morning to open/prepare the room with me, so please volunteer (before I arrow people). I am still not sure of the details for lunch – Saturday will be settled by us; but I have yet to confirm about Thurs/Fri. Whatever it is, we have to accompany Sensei to lunch at least ONE day. [Lunch is usually from 12PM – 1/1.30PM]

The Sado Room will be open on the 7 Dec [MONDAY] from 10AM – 5PM for practice in preparation for Sensei’s visit. Anyone who are coming down do sms me and let me know who you are.

To the Alumni: Iemoto, Miura Sensei and Kodera Sensei has informed us that they were very happy to be able to have dinner with you during their previous visit and have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Thank You!

Examinations will be over by the time Sensei comes, so i really do hope that you will be coming down to join us. [Sensei loves seeing new members, so freshmen, please come]

All the Best to everyone who still have exams and to those taking JLPT (6th Dec)!

Gladys Ng

NUS Sado Club

PS: Let me know your slots ASAP as i need to collate the info and  print lists for Sensei. Thanks.

PSS: I will be uploading the photos from our various activities this year after Sensei’s visit.