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Welcome to the NUS Sado Club’s Web blog!
As we have just started this blog, you might find that there is a lack of updates. However, please feel free to take a look at the other sections of our site.

Members, welcome back to campus.
I hope you have had a good holiday. Iemoto, Miura Sensei & Kodera Sensei will be coming down from Japan on the following dates:
26/08/2009 [Wed]- 1pm – 4pm [Miura Sensei & Kodera Sensei]
27/08/2009 [Thur]- 10am – 4pm [Iemoto, Miura Sensei & Kodera Sensei]
28/08/2009 – [Fri] – 10am – 6pm [Miura Sensei & Kodera Sensei, (and maybe Iemoto)]
29/08/2009 – [Sat] – 10am – 5pm [Miura Sensei & Kodera Sensei]
I hope you will actively sign up for training as it is a rare opportunity for the teachers to be down on campus, so please reply my email!

For Freshmen and other students interested in our club, we will be updating about our Welcome Tea soon, so please come back again.

Gladys Ng