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NUS Sado Club 「シンガポール国立大学茶道部」

The traditional Japanese tea ceremony club of the National University of Singapore

NUS Sado Club is a student interest group that was established since 30 September 1989, under the NUS Department of Japanese Studies. The Club practises the traditional Japanese tea ceremony in the Enshuryu style, giving members a first-hand experience of Japanese culture. 和 (harmony), 敬 (respect), 清 (purity), 寂 (serenity), the philosophy of Sado, is put into practice. Club membership as a CCA is open to all NUS students, staff and alumni, as well as students of other local Singapore universities.

The spirit of Enshu Sado lies in ‘kirei sabi’, or gracefulness and simplicity. The Enshu school of tea remains as one of the oldest tea schools in Japan today. The 13th grandmaster, Kobori Sojitsu, and teachers from the Enshu school of tea in Japan visits the Club thrice a year to give lessons to members. This is a very rare privilege granted to the Club, which is officially recognised by the Enshu school of tea as a key component of its branch in Singapore. It is highly unusual for most tea ceremony students even in Japan to be able to learn tea ceremony directly under the tutelage of a grandmaster, and especially so for members of a mere university tea club.

The Club actively engages in Japanese tea ceremony performances within and outside of the University. This includes international cultural fairs and faculty open houses within campus, and corporate events such as international and cultural awareness fairs, roadshows and private company functions. The Club also organizes hands on Japanese tea ceremony workshops for students from junior colleges, polytechnics and other universities. These performances and workshops, while providing good learning experiences for the guests, also allows our members to spread the way of tea in Singapore, while developing disciplinary skills.


  • Sensei Visit June 2018

    Sensei Visit June 2018

    From 8th to 10th June, Kodera Sensei and Nogami Sensei facilitated the practice sessions.

  • JS2230 Itadakimasu Module

    JS2230 Itadakimasu Module

    On 7,8,14 and 15 March 2018, we were very happy to hold a demonstration session for the JS2230 Itadakimasu module. Goto Sensei and Kodera Sensei came down from Japan to perform the tea ceremony for the students. The theme for the session was “Spring”. From the lively flowers to the specially picked okashi, Hanamurashi, it is easy to feel the atmosphere of spring.

  • February Chakai 2018

    February Chakai 2018

    On 10th Febraury 2018, the club organised a formal chakai (茶会) aided by the club’s alumi. We welcomed various guests including students from NUS as well as guests from the public.